Mr. Tarek  El Tambouly


Earned a graduate degree from the School of Arts in Egypt as an interior designer. He wanted to become a pilot but was refused such a request because his brother was a pilot and passed away in a plane accident. His brother in 1976 opened Nile Valley Aviation, which was an airline at that time where it transported oil and gas employees to areas within Egypt that was not reachable except by planes. In the mid-80s, Nile Valley Aviation became the first ground handling company in Egypt and has since remained the same. Mr. Tarek has been the Chairman of company since 1985, although he started working in the company since 1980. He has over 30 years of aviation experience which encompasses aviation services as well as airline management.

In 1991, he bought shares in AMC Aviation which is an airline in Egypt that is to this day currently operational. He leased the first B737-200 aircraft for the company and made a sizeable profit from it. However, in 1994 he decided to sell his shares to his partner in order to open his own airline independently. In 1997, he opened his own airline, Pharaoh Airlines, and leased a B732 and B734 for over 3 years until the company had to seize operations due to the tourism accident in Luxor which caused a major decrease in tourism in Egypt during that time.

Since then, Mr. Tarek has focused solely on Nile Valley Aviation. His experience, knowledge and network/connection in the Egyptian Aviation industry is second to none. He is very well known in the Egyptian Civil Aviation due to his reputation as one of the leading men that changed the aviation industry in Egypt from the 80s to what it is now.

Mr. Ziyad El Tambouly

Chief Executive Officer

Graduated from the American University in Cairo in 2009 where he earned his undergraduate degree in Finance and Accounting with a minor in Economics. He also graduated from High School with an IB Diploma. After graduation, Mr. Ziyad started working in Nile Valley Aviation as the Executive Board Member and Commercial Director of the company. He oversaw the day to day business in the company and was in charge of contracts and pricing with all of the company’s clients. Mr. Ziyad has brought new innovative ideas to the company and expanded the company in terms of worldwide reach. Mr. Ziyad has signed numerous partnerships with companies all over the world since 2010. Mr. Ziyad has obtained a lot of experience in the past 7 years due to the exposure he has been subjected to in the aviation industry. He has obtained numerous aviation certificates such as an Aviation Management Certificate and Safety Management System and many more. Since 2013, Mr. Ziyad has become the CEO of Nile Valley Aviation and he currently provides the strategy, direction, and development of the first Ground Handling Company in Egypt.

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