Our Advantages

At Nile Valley Aviation, we constantly strive to offer our clients world class quality services that meet their needs and standards. Our experience, commitment, and professionalism will guarantee that our clients maintain their competitive edge, because our main goal is to provide our clients with customized aviation solutions that meet their needs and requirements.

Business Policy

Nile Valley Aviation was established 1976 and therefore has a good reputation among the aviation industry. Our customers are our priority and we are seeking to find individual solutions for everyone. Our management and our expert team will assist you with any queries.

Payment/financing Facilities

Nile Valley Aviation strives to provide its clients with flexible payment solutions with regards to invoices and fees for the services rendered. We promote price transparency, cost management, and flexibility. Invoices and fees can be paid on a cash basis or credit basis depending on the client’s preference. Depending on the agreement we are able to provide special rates and discounts.

  • We offer cash facilities where our clients may want to pay the services rendered in cash.
  • We offer credit facilities where our clients may desire to pay on a later date and cannot or do not want to pay immediately after the services are rendered. In the case of a client preferring to pay on credit, we discuss and propose flexible arrangements with the client on how the invoices will be settled.

The NIVA Team

We have more than 100 employees at our company, not leaving any of our NIVA stations understaffed and able to meet our customers’ needs. These stations are strategically chosen to be capable to serve more than one airport. This enables us to avoid overhead costs and therefore be able to provide you with outstanding services at the lowest market rates.


  • More than 40 years of experience – Since 1976 we have provided ground handling services to more than 200 carriers
  • Only GHA in Egypt that provides full range of services to airline carriers
  • The convenience of Nile Valley Aviation’s e-business system
  • Operational and managerial expertise
  • Consistently high quality standards
  • Multi-lingual employees
  • Customer-oriented, tailor-made solutions
  • Extensive training program for staff at all levels
  • One-stop-shopping and outsourcing concepts available
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