Nile Valley Aviation is licensed by the ECAA (Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority) to represent carriers before the ECAA and all other port authorities. We obtain traffic rights for all types of carriers, landing and/or over-flight permits.

NIVA’s in house, dedicated Operations Team in Cairo will handle all the logistics and documentations needed to meet these requests with promptness and ease. No matter how complicated the mission or scenario, you can rely on a professional, experienced Operations Team that will always meet your demands. We will supervise all activities and pay all related fees on your behalf.

We are experienced in dealing with complicated scenarios such as:

  • Foreign Operator Certification (FOC)
  • Out of hours operations
  • Non-objection process for traffic rights

As your official representative/handling agent before the ECAA, we provide the following services:

  • Station Management and Representation
  • AFP filing
  • Station and Load Control
  • Weather briefing/NOTAMS
  • Liaising with various airport authorities
  • Flight Operations Assistance (flight plans, briefing packages, etc.)
  • Supervision
  • Provide changes in laws, discounts, incentives granted by the government, and meteorological/aeronautical information.

Not only does NIVA provide permits and traffic rights in Egypt, we also provide permits all over the world with a focus on Africa and the Middle East.

Concerning short notice landing and/or over-flight permits, NIVA has a 24-hour flight support team that specializes in this area. NIVA is your trusted partner for all last-minute operations. We have the expertise and connections necessary to deliver our full range of services, with minimal prior notice. We maintain strong relationships with over 150 civil aviation regulatory authorities and governmental agencies worldwide. This allows us to secure crucial permits in the shortest timeframe possible and we will also settle any and all CAA charges on your behalf.

We are capable of securing the following permits/clearances:

  • Landing Permits
  • Overflight Permits
  • Short notice permits
  • Military Permits
  • PPR
  • Obtaining and Managing Slots (Seasonal and Ad-Hoc)
  • Traffic Rights
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