Ground Handling

NIVA’s well trained employees are familiar with all types of aircrafts and is committed to providing top notch services to your airline and your passengers. We deliver ramp and passenger services safely and on time – our staff is able to minimize your turnaround time at all of our stations.

We aim to provide you with the most competitive ground handling prices in the market without any compromises in our services on your aircraft and passengers. We ensure that you always receive optimal efficiency without compromising on quality. All of our stations operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to guarantee that your needs are met even under short notice to ensure safe and on-time performance.

Cargo Handling

NIVA Cargo Handling is one of the many dedicated services we provide as we annually process over 20,000 tons offering an integrated handling service from cargo warehousing, aircraft loading and unloading, documentation, dangerous goods handling, supervision, and capacity control.

With a customer base extending to national carriers, low-cost carriers, express, freighter operators, GSA’s, and freight forwarders, Nile Valley Aviation provides a flexible and responsive service to meet our clients’ needs and requirements.

NIVA Cargo Handling consists of the following services:

  • Livestock Handling
  • Perishables Handling
  • Dangerous Goods Handling
  • Heavy Machinery Handling
  • Mail handling
  • Freighter ramp services/transportation (on/off airport)
  • Freight handling (on/off airport)
  • Document handling (import/export)
  • Cargo handling in a third party facility
  • Trucking services
  • Integrator handling
  • Technical refueling
  • Cargo loading/unloading
  • Warehousing

Permits, Representation and Traffic Rights

Nile Valley Aviation is licensed by the ECAA (Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority) to represent carriers before the ECAA and all other port authorities. We obtain traffic rights for all types of carriers, landing and/or over-flight permits.

NIVA’s in house, dedicated Operations Team in Cairo will handle all the logistics and documentations needed to meet these requests with promptness and ease. No matter how complicated the mission or scenario, you can rely on a professional, experienced Operations Team that will always meet your demands. We will supervise all activities and pay all related fees on your behalf.


NIVA Fuel is a complete outsourced solution for our customers in the procurement of fuel and fuel related services. Aviation Fuel is one of our core services as we have been supplying fuel for over 4 decades. We provide Jet A-1 fuel and AVGAS Supply.

Our service offers a single point of contact, complete price transparency, access to expertise, competitive bidding of fuel requirements, paying supplier invoices and preparing customized reports. This service is available to support worldwide operations around the clock, seven days a week.

We provide fueling services to all types of aircrafts with fixed hydrant cart, hydrant trucks, and tanker trucks. We offer 24/7 operational and fuel pricing support. Our expert procurement teams can also advise you on VAT, helping you to minimize your costs and avoid complications through better taxation management. For your convenience, we provide fuel on credit basis with flexible terms of credit.

NIVA has direct access to all major fuel suppliers so we are able to provide our clients with the best possible deals and high quality fuel. Fuel quality is one of the core aspects of being a fuel provider. One of the main challenges that the aviation industry faces is fuel contamination which is why quality is very essential. Quality can only be optimal if the facilities and equipment used are in perfect condition. This can be achieved through regular inspections, to ensure all procedures are carried out completely in compliance. Our quality control department ensures that our fuel suppliers are always in compliance. We carry out inspections on a regular basis to make sure the fuel supplied will always be safe and that our clients are always satisfied with what they have paid for.


NIVA Catering possesses an excellent network of catering partners who contribute to the excellence and refinement of the service provided. Our services include: all types of beverages and cuisines, special requests (dietary, religious beliefs, allergies etc.), and a variety of packaging options. But no matter which options you choose, we guarantee the catering is on time, fresh, clean and delicious.

NIVA draws upon 40 years of experience. Our premium catering offers customers the highest level of customized catering and provisioning service available in the industry – from First and Business Class cabins or VIP charter flight services, to bespoke private jet service. We are also capable of providing catering for national and low-cost airlines.

How do we make all this happen? Our catering team designs made-to-measure meals tailored to the specific quality requirements of individual airlines and VIP operators. NIVA has developed specific expertise in the corporate and VIP aviation sector. Our teams are only too happy to meet the requests of important clients on a case-by-case basis. They listen to our clients to develop gourmet menus and deliver a range of services that help make the flight an unforgettable experience.

With any of our catering options, you can rest assured that NIVA is your partner on the ground and in the air for customized, top quality catered meals and products.

Let NIVA take care of the catering on board your aircraft.

Governmental Missions

NIVA is zealous about serving the military and government aviation sectors. We ensure that any and all missions are always confidential and full discretion is maintained at all times. We put an emphasis on providing reliable and consistent services all over Egypt and the rest of the world.

These services include:

  • Ground Handling Services in Civil and Military Airports
  • Fuel Services in Civil and Military Airports
  • Catering Services in Civil and Military Airports
  • Trip Planning
  • Logistics Support in Civil and Military Airports
  • Landing and Overflight permits
  • Ground Transportation
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Security Services in Civil and Military Airports
  • Flight briefing and NOTAMs

NIVA offers the following benefits:

  • Proven expertise serving military and governmental flight operations
  • Quick Quotations with a breakdown on all fees and taxes
  • Detailed, error-free billing with quick invoice turnaround
  • 24/7 worldwide operations and control center

NIVA prides itself on our ability to react rapidly to emergency situations, including setting up time-critical flights outside of normal working hours. We are capable of coordinating ad-hoc and large-scale governmental missions including humanitarian relief flights. NIVA ensures that you always receive high quality services with optimal efficiency.

Crew and Logistics

NIVA provides 24/7 crewing support solutions whether it is for a scheduled layover or in response to an unforeseen irregularity. We have the knowledge and experience to deal with ad hoc crew issues such as visa arrangements, HOTAC, and ground transport. We ensure comprehensive planning for your crew so that your crew is guaranteed a safe and comfortable layover in Egypt and anywhere in the world.

We provide the following services for your crew:

  • Airport-Hotel-Airport Transportation
  • Fast-track Immigration and Customs
  • Visa Arrangement
  • Meet and Assist (arrival/departure on commercial flights)
  • Tourism Services
  • List of top rated restaurants worldwide
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