• “I write this letter to thank you for the outstanding services you have offered our company over the past few years. Your service and support has been excellent, the communication has been quick, informative, and very professional. I am happy to report that our customers are happy with your services as this could not have been achieved without the support of Nile Valley Aviation. It has been a great pleasure working with you, I look forward to future business.”

    Operations Group ManagerUK Cargo Operator
  • “Nile Valley Aviation has provided us with an outstanding service every time we come to Egypt for more than 25 years. As an Air Ambulance provider, we are dependent on a reliable partner who knows how important it is to arrange a fast and smooth service on ground to avoid delays. The staff at Nile Valley Aviation is always courteous, friendly, and truly sincere in their efforts to take care of our needs. Also the pricing for all services are competitive and transparent. I thank Ziyad El Tambouly for his great job and cooperation over the years.”

    Operations Group LeaderAir Ambulance Operator
  • “Nile Valley Aviation has been our handling agent for more than 20 years. They provide us with exceptional services every time we come to Egypt and they always obtain our permits in less than 30 minutes from the time we send any request. Nile Valley Aviation’s employees are exceptionally trained and are always efficient on the ground. They are always friendly, well-mannered, and dependable. All of our flights have experienced quick turnaround for many years. Moreover, NIVA has always provided us with very competitive prices for their services. They are a reliable and consistent partner who has guaranteed quality services every time we are on the ground at any Egyptian Airport. Mr. Ziyad El Tambouly has always been transparent and provided us with complete support in all our requests and flights. We thank the entire Nile Valley Aviation team for their support and dedication over the years and we look forward to more years of cooperation.”

    ManagerFlight Ops Dispatch & Ground Operations – Head of State Operator
  • “Nile Valley Aviation has been providing us with excellent services for the past 15 years and have always handled our B747s efficiently and with quick turnarounds. NIVA has always guaranteed quality services for all the flights we operated to Egypt. We fully support Nile Valley Aviation as we trust them and consider them one of the most reliable partners. Nile Valley Aviation’s Operations Control Center (OCC) has always been efficient and quick with our permits and are available 24/7. Their ground staff is well trained and are always fully prepared for our flights. Our Crew have stated that NIVA are always supportive and friendly. We thank the entire Nile Valley Aviation team for their continuous support and commitment for their exceptional work rate and dedication to making sure that all our flights are handled smoothly and professionally.”

    ChairmanOrient Thai Airlines
  • Thanks for all your efforts and a very quick turnaround. The Captain was very happy and has appreciated the team for turning the aircraft in 20mins. Our team is happy to have Nile Valley Aviation as our partners in Egypt.

    Head of Ground OperationsVVIP Operator
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